Arizona Endocrinology Center

Phoenix Location
(602) 439-9000

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your policy regarding collecting Copay/Co-Insurance and Deductible?

A: You are responsible for your Copay at the time of your visit. We will bill your insurance first out of courtesy. You are responsible for the balance after insurance payment.

2. When and how am I charged a No Show fee?

A: We require a 24 hour notice for any appointment cancellations. You are charged a ‘No Show fee’ if you do not cancel your appointment on time or do not show up. This fee is 25 dollars. We do make exceptions for emergencies case by case.

3. Am I allowed to switch doctors?

A: Our office policy doesn’t allow you to switch doctors.

4. What is your policy regarding filling prescriptions?

A: We require at least a 48 hour notice for filling prescriptions. We make every effort to fill prescriptions within 24 hours.

5. What is your policy on completing disability paperwork?

A: We do not complete disability paperwork. Please request from your primary care physician.

6. What is your policy regarding insurance verification for visits and procedures?

A: You are responsible in verifying whether a particular visit or procedure is covered by your insurance. However, we do request insurance authorization for procedures out of courtesy.

7. Can I e-mail the office?

A: At this time we do not communicate via email with patients secondary to HIPAA requirements. You can communicate via fax or phone .