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Retasure Visual Photography

We offer Retasure Visual Photography for diabetic retinopathy screening and Nerve Conduction Studies for diabetic neuropathy screening.

restasure visual photography Arizona

How Retasure Operates

The test and technology are non-invasive.  This is a five minute procedure.

Step 1 - Images Captured

We capture your retinal images

Step 2 - Secure Server

Your retinal images are securely transmitted to remote a server.

Step 3 - Images Read by Specialist

Your retinal images are read remotely by a  state licensed, board certified ophthalmologist.

Step 4 - Results

A standard report is then securely sent and transmitted back to your Endocrinologist.

Step 5 - Referral to Ophthalmologist

Your endocrinologist will refer patients with abnormal reports to local Ophthalmologist or Retinal specialist.