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The physicians and staff at Arizona Endocrinology Center value our patients and respect the privacy of their information. That is why, as a precautionary measure, we are providing this notice about an incident that involved a limited amount of our patients’ information.

Dr. Rohit Dwivedi was previously one of our physicians. In January, Dr. Dwivedi was preparing to leave our practice to join another medical group, More MD. On January 12, Dr. Dwivedi downloaded basic information about patients from our electronic medical record. The specific information Dr. Dwivedi downloaded was:

Patient name

Phone number

Mailing address

Name of primary doctor

The identifying number assigned to each patient by the electronic medical record

The information downloaded by Dr. Dwivedi did not include any social security number, driver’s license number, birthdate, financial information, insurance information, or any medical information.

We recently learned that Dr. Dwivedi provided the patient information he downloaded to More MD, the separate medical group he joined. More MD used that information to send text messages to patients. The text messages informed patients that Dr. Dwivedi was moving to More MD and/or advertised the services of More MD.

We were not aware that Dr. Dwivedi had downloaded or used our patient information in this way until February 17. After some of our patients informed us that they had received text messages from More MD, we reviewed our systems and discovered Dr. Dwivedi had downloaded patient information on January 12.

We have been working diligently to investigate this incident. Dr. Dwivedi is no longer one of our physicians, and More MD is a completely separate medical group that has no relationship with our practice. As a result, it has been difficult to obtain solid assurances from Dr. Dwivedi and More MD that they have permanently deleted all of our patients’ information, and have not used or disclosed that information for any other purpose. Of course, our patients and their families are free to contact Dr. Dwivedi and More MD directly to ask them about their personal information.

Arizona Endocrinology Center takes patient privacy very seriously. We have policies to protect patient information, we train our physicians and staff members on patient privacy, and we require our physicians to sign agreements to keep patient information confidential. We sincerely regret that this incident occurred.

If you have any questions about this incident, you may contact our office at 602-999-4652, 1-800-989-3804, or
Date Posted: April 9, 2020